To date, over 670+ million people, globally, have recovered from the COVID-19.

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Respected scientific study finds that up to 43% of people recovered from COVID have lingering symptoms. This represents more than 280 million people.

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Additionally, individuals who HAVE NEVER TESTED POSITIVE for the Covid-19 virus are also experiencing "Long Covid" symptoms.



Three years ago, a dedicated commitment was made to eradicate the lingering effects from Covid-19. Peering over decades of rigorous biomedical research, followed by experimentation and discovery, has led to a “connecting the dots” for discovering the physiology associated with Long Covid. The culminating answer is a novel and well designed ratio-metric formulary compound with Patent Pending status.

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COVID LONG HAULT® is a Patent Pending breakthrough treatment of COVID-19 long-term morbidity, commonly known as “Long Covid”, “Covid Long Haul”, and “Post Covid Syndrome", by addressing the variety of biochemical dysfunction that continues after the Acute Covid infection. It is specially formulated to promote healthy physiological mechanisms potentially damaged by the oxidative stress of COVID, and to increase NAD+ levels for DNA repair. Many of the metabolic processes supported by COVID LONG HAULT®   are associated with anti-aging! Of the 28 “active” ingredients, the formula utilizes 11 Trademarked, safe and effective, essential molecular compounds, all found in nature, and derived through natural sources. This all-in-one formulation is precision designed to revive, repair, rejuvenate the body’s natural defenses and support immune health and wellness.*

*The statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Recommended Dosage: 2 tablets, taken orally, 3x per day at a cost of less than $3.00 per day if you BUY DISCOUNTED PRICE NOW!

Therapeutic regimen: Although most users feel results within days, continued usage for six (6) months is recommended.

1 Bottle represents a 30-day supply.


You may choose to continue using COVID LONG HAULT® as your everyday dietary supplement after therapeutic regimen has been resolved.

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World-Class Collaboration Opportunity


The COVID LONG HAULT® nutraceutical discovery is attracting attention from the Medical community.

Dr. Lance Becker, Professor, at the Institute of Bioelectronic Medicine, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, and the Chair, of Emergency Medicine at Northwell Health, after reviewing the patent responded, “Michael, I am impressed at how far you have been able to go…” has offered to collaborate with Mr. Klipper as the Principal Investigator on two very important scientific studies of validation of the compound referred to as COVID LONG HAULT®.


This will be a Preclinical Study of cells. Cell contains Mitochondria, membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell's biochemical reactions. The Study is designed to create oxidative stress on the cell through Oxygen and Glucose deprivation, and then the cells would then be fed the formulary compound contained within COVID LONG HAULT. The expected Mitochondrial resuscitation and articulation of scientific benefits resulting from the study will be submitted for publication by Dr. Becker in a peer respected medical journal.


This will be a double-blind, cross-over clinical study of hundreds of individuals with LONG COVID symptoms. This is a type of Clinical Trial in which neither the participants nor the researcher knows which treatment participants are receiving until the trial is over. Each potential candidate for the study will go through an in-take assessment process. The study is designed so each selected Participant will receive the COVID LONG HAULT dietary supplement: Participants will be separated into 2 groups with one group taking the COVID LONG HAULT and the other taking a placebo for 90 – 180 days; and then the groups switch for another 90 – 180 days. Patients symptoms will be measured both subjectively and clinically.

Investments are essential to the process of developing a cure for Covid Long Haul. Without support, bringing a compound to market that is safe, effective, and affordable for those who need it the most would be impossible. If you are interested in making a difference in the fight against Covid Long Haul, consider supporting research efforts by funding these clinical trials or supporting post covid recovery studies. Together, we can help those suffering from the long-term effects of the virus.

*Tax-deductible donations can be made to Northwell Health earmarked to support these studies. Donations will enable us to expand the number of patients participating in the studies. We also intend to validate the benefit of COVID LONG HAULT through the scientific data to be sent to the FDA for formal designation use to treating “Long COVID”.. For more information, contact

If you or anyone you know suffers from Long Covid and would like to take part in the study

While the studies will validate the efficacy of the compound, COVID LONG HAULT is classified as a DIETARY SUPPLEMENT and FDA approval is not required.

About the Inventor

Mr. Michael Klipper, an experienced formulary chemist, had a successful history of creating solutions to address significant healthcare issues through front-of-the-curve innovations.

When the pandemic hit, in March 2020, Michael became gravely ill with the initial COVID-19 virus. His personal recovery was the catalyst to research ways to improve his recovery. Within a few months, Michael’s hair was falling out, along with other debilitating effects, now commonly known as Long COVID, or COVID Long Haul. Michael and his team studied the metabolics associated with Long Covid, connected the dots, and developed a multiple-nutrient mixture of supplements to resolve Long Covid. The result was their international patent pending product, COVID LONG HAULT®.

COVID LONG HAULT® is a patent-pending formulated nutraceutical product, that repairs the metabolic deficiencies associated with Post COVID symptoms affecting a group of people known as Covid Long Haulers.

It is a robust product of 28 active ingredients that does not require FDA approval. Clinical research already exists on 11 of these trademarked ingredients that contain benefits superior to that of generic ingredients.

Specially formulated to promote healthy physiological mechanisms, increased NAD+ levels for DNA repair, and supports mechanisms potentially damaged by the oxidative stress of COVID and those associated with anti-aging.*

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If you or anyone you know is suffering from Covid long Haul (Also known as; Post Covid, Long Covid) and would like to see if you qualify to be part of a clinical study or if you are simply interested in purchasing the supplement, Please contact us.