About Us

It’s said, “Everything happens for a reason”. Imagine a life-long dedicated, front of the curve formulary chemist, a person with great understanding of the human physiology, an advocate for dietary supplements; who almost loses his life to the COVID-19 Virus in March, 2020.

Having experienced many other Viruses’ in his lifetime, the feeling of “What the hell was that?” was the pondered thought of motivation to study and best understand what could be done to repair the body. It became obvious that proper nutrients would be beneficial in this process.

It became apparent after a number of months that there remained significant symptoms left by the oxidative stress caused by the COVID-19 virus. The most noticeable being loss of energy, cognitive processing, hair loss, disruptive sleep, and eye issues.

Recognizing himself as a COVID LONG HAULER before the term was in any real form of use, led to a search and discovery of many people around the world were dealing with these residual Covid related symptoms, and that there was no known remedy.

With pharmaceutical companies racing to create vaccines and pills to prevent COVID, a dedicated effort was initiated to develop a therapeutic for Covid Long Haulers, also known as those suffering with LONG COVID.

Relying on sound science and leading researchers from various fields, enabled for a “connecting the dots” and understanding for creation of a patent pending nutraceutical formulation for the successful treatment of “Covid Long Haul”. Being verified by researchers, patient advocates and thought leaders; COVID LONG HAULTPat.Pend., replenishes NAD+ and supports Mitochondrial recovery and key mechanisms from oxidative stress that are responsible for the long term COVID19 symptoms; which leads to people in getting their lives back.